Today's the Day that I become the Sky... (rockhag) wrote in morbid_tales,
Today's the Day that I become the Sky...


What's going on with this journal nowadays??? Hope it's still going on. :)
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I am so sorry...I have it...I just haven't gotten around to mailing it...I promise I will mail it to the next person on Monday...I promise. :o(

I suck! :o(
lol Hi Christina! I was wondering if it was at Dennis's house yet just this week, and I was going to email him about it today!! Now I don't have to, cos I know it is still safe with you!

I sent you his address didn't I? If not just let me know and I will send it to you no worries mate :)

See ya!
Kimmie...I'm taking the journal to my work today and going to the post office during lunch...what is the address that I send it to again?

Email me at


Sorry about the delay again.